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Monday, November 12, 2012
CPA Caucus Grows After Election

In 2011 Brad Sherman and Mike Conaway created the Bipartisan Congressional CPA Caucus. The two representatives created the caucus to discuss and propose policy for issues affecting CPAs. These include tax laws, accounting standards, and auditing standards.

Prior to last week there were 8 accountants in the House of Representatives and two more in the Senate. Two new accountants were elected last Tuesday. Tom Rice of South Carolina and Patrick Murphy of Florida are two of the freshman representatives. The other 8 were reelected and the two senators were not up for re-election.

This may speak to the public perception of accountants. They are seen as trustworthy and pragmatic leaders. Most accountants are detail oriented and understand the financial aspects that congress must wrestle. Lets hope that these 12 accountants can help navigate the issues of the fiscal cliff over the next month and a half.

Here are the accountants in congress:
  • John Campbell of California
  • Mike Conaway of Texas
  • Bill Flores of Texas
  • >Lynn Jenkins of Kansas
  • Patrick Murphy of Florida
  • Steven Palazzo of Mississippi
  • Collin Peterson of Minnisota
  • James Renacci of Ohio
  • Tom Rice of South Carolina

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