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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Will The Cloud Change Accounting?

The move to from paper to digital records has changed the way that businesses operate. And it is not just with how work is done inside a company but also how companies integrate with vendors and clients. Florence de Borja has written an article that was published on Cloud Tweaks about the digital office and how it is changing the way accountants operate.

Accounting software makes it more simple for company bookkeeper to handle more tasks internally. Larger accounting firms are starting to move down the market to make up for lost revenue from their large clients. These two sides are pinching small and medium sized CPA firms.

By applying better ways of interacting with their client businesses, CPA firms can create additional services. Clients can implement document scanning for all of their invoices and financial documents the accountant and their client now have the same real time access to the accounting data. The CPA can offer more timely advice than a once a month review. The accountant can also spot small problems before they become big ones.

Integrating their records management on the cloud means better service for the client and more revenue for the accounting firm.