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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
IRS Delayed Refunds Continue

The IRS is still having problems with delayed returns. Originally they said that taxpayers filing before January 26th might see their returns come a week beyond the projected date. Now the tool that gives the projected date is only giving an error message. Any tax filler can check the status of their return at the site "Where's my Refund."

The IRS claims it is a function of the new tools put in place to reduce Identity Theft. The more likely reason is that they are having problems ramping up the new electronic filing system. The irony is the tool was set up to reduce calls about the status of refunds. Now the delays and error messages are driving the call volume up.

They still anticipate issuing refunds within the historical range of 10-21 days. They wanted to disuade calls but it is unlikely to have an impact until the system is working correctly.