Accounting News

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Business is Growing for Accountants

Is the accounting sector starting to grow again? Yes, says Allan Kotlin. In a speech to the Thomson Reuters Users’ Conference for Professional Tax & Accounting Firms the CEO of the Koltin Consulting Group says that things are trending up. He doesn't see the halcyon days of 2007 but it is much better than it was in 2008. He believes that one of every seven businesses are not happy with their accounting firm.

There is always business for good accountants who are out their hustling. No matter how good the times are, and accountant, or any business for that matter, that sits around waiting for someone to come in their door is in for disappointment. If you are an accountant and want to grow your practice then the Accounting Aisle can help. We put you in contact with the fourteen percent of business that are actively looking for an accountant.